Ecological Networks in the European Alps

Creating an ecological network in the Alps is of crucial importance for the preservation of the extraordinary biodiversity and ecosystem functions.

The Ecological Continuum Initiative

Ecological Continuum in the Alps: from 50 questions to a few concerted actions

(27.05.2013) How will demographic change affect the future of the ecological continuum? And which indicators of species and habitats can be used to assess an ecological network? These are just two of the 50 questions put together by scientists, politicians and environmentalists from all the Alpine lands. More »


Platform “Ecological network” of the Alpine Convention

Alpine Convention strengthens co-operation between neighbouring countries

With its new presidency, the "Ecological Network" Platform of the Alpine Convention is now continuing its work. In focus in 2013 and 2014 are cross-border co-operation between neighbouring states and activities in the pilot regions.


Other projects and initiatives

Green light for greenAlps

Numerous investigations have shown the immense richness and benefits of biodiversity in the Alps, as well as what could be done to safeguard and ensure the continuance of this situation. However these findings have not been universally adopted in policies or by those responsible for implementing them. This is where the greenAlps project comes in: it investigates and takes the results from on-going and completed European projects, processes them and makes them accessible to the key stakeholders at regional, national and international level. The aim is to improve the framework conditions for sustainable, efficient European environmental policies that will protect and maintain nature in the Alps.


About this website

This website offers you an overview on the connectivity topic, showing why, how and by whom the ecological networks in the Alps should be implemented (see section "The Alpine Ecological Network"). The section "Information services" offers access to publications, projects, experts, links, funding sources etc. Part of this information is available in several languages. Furthermore, the website offers you a news archive related to connectivity in the Alps. Most news items are available in English, some also in German, French, Italian and Slovenian. In the section "About us" three major initiatives aiming at the creation of an Alpine ecological network are presented. You can follow their activities and download their products.

Focus on

Results of the Econnect project

During 3 years 16 partners from all Alpine countries have worked together towards a better ecological connectivity in the Alps. The project's results are documented in a series of publications in English, German, French, Italian and Slovenian. More

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Here you can browse in our online Measures Catalogue. All contents of the Catalogue are collected in this report which is being updated regularly.


Online mapping services

Econnect's online mapping services are useful tools for analysing and visualizing connectivity data. Click here fore more information.

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