Ecological Continuum Initiative: Catalysing and Multiplying Alpine Connectivity

From lynx to tamarisk, the vision is the same: all the species of flora and fauna that constitute the natural diversity of the Alps are in good condition and benefiting from a high degree of habitat connectivity. That is the goal of the Ecological Continuum Initiative promoted by the Alpine Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC), the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA) and the International Scientific Committee for Alpine Research (ISCAR).

01Logo_EcologicalContinuumInitiative.jpgThe three partners in the Ecological Continuum Initiative are working independently of any project deadlines or political decisions. They have laid the foundations and created a common Alps-wide framework in which people can now take measures at the local level to protect or restore corridors between the habitats of the flora and fauna.

The work of the partners is focussed on the following three targets:

- Initiating, promoting and mentoring activities: Their work and commitment have led to the establishment of the Ecological Network Platform of the Alpine Convention and the ECONNECT project. In 2010 the Continuum Initiative has gathered a large groupe of experts in a "think tank" which is discussing future strategies and activities on Alpine ecological experts.

- Providing know-how: A harmonised methodology for the whole of the Alps, a catalogue of potential measures and a databank of publications and information on relevant projects as well as experts available to help representatives of protected areas, public authorities and environmental organisations in their implementation of activities.

- Awareness-building: The partners are working to convince decisionmakers of the importance of Alps-wide habitat connectivity and to persuade people to make their own contributions to ecological networking. With its communication campaign "For hermits and fire salamanders" the Continuum Initiative is raising awareness on connectivity among municipalities. The campaign "The Wall" was directed to a wide public.

The three organisations have been collaborating since 2002 and their work has been funded by the Swiss MAVA Foundation for Nature since 2007.

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Cover filmFor hermits and fire salamanders - How municipalities connect habitats in the Alps