Dr. Michael Vogel, President of the Network of Alpine Protected Areas Alparc and Director of the National Park Berchtesgaden / Germany
In this video Michael Vogel gives an overview about the situation, challenges and perspectives of ecological networks in the Alps. He states the importance of protected areas as well as corridors to connect these areas to enable animal and plant species for a genetic exchange. He stresses that different species have different requirements on the ecological corridors.
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Interview: Michael Vogel

Univ.-Prof. Chris Walzer, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

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Dr. Stephan Pernkopf, Government of Lower Austria, responsible for environment, agriculture and energy

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Dr. Carl Manzano, Director of the Donau floodplains National park/A

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DI Diethard Trummer, ASFINAG highway company/A

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Dr. Alfred Frey-Roos, Vienna University for agricultural sciences (Boku)

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Mag. Christina Reisenbichler, WWF Austria

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Francesco Maggi – The Magadino plain, Ticino, Switzerland

From 2002 to 2009 Francesco Maggi, responsible of the Swiss Italian WWF, worked on a project in the Magadino Plain (Southern Switzerland) to restore connectivity. Caused by urban expansion and road development, the plain is highly fragmented and populations are isolated. Through the improvement of ecological compensation areas and their relocation within an ecological network, the project collaborators observed a positive effect on biodiversity. The number of individuals of species indicators of success increased and species colonized newly created spaces.

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