Think Tank on ecological networks in/to the Alps

As the Continuum Initiative decided to focus on further connectivity activities with long-term issues, the Continuum partners are now aiming at the preparation of follow-up projects beyond ECONNECT to ensure that the fundaments built up during this project can be used for further concerted implementation projects.

CIPRAGamprin.jpgSuch new projects have to be developed referring to the existing expertise on ecological networks and followed up by integrating available scientific and practical experts into such a process. In this context, the Continuum Partners have established a think tank on ecological networks which gathers most of the available expertise in Alpine countries. The think tank is explicitly no new structure or network. It is a pool of experts who cooperate in a problem and result oriented way.

The think thank has started its activities in 2010 with workshops on specific topics, which have been elaborated at the first expert workshop on 2nd December 2009 in Chamonix/France. 26 experts from all Alpine countries followed the invitation by the Continuum Initiative to express their needs and expectations in relation to a "think tank" on Alpine ecological networks.

The think tank concept is available here.

If you are interested in contributing to the think tank, please contact Thomas Scheurer.

Think Tank workshops in 2010

The report on 2010 think tank workshops is available here.

2nd workshop: November 17th, Bolzano, South Tyrol (Italy)
Follow-up projects and new projects implementing ecological networks beyond ECONNECT

1st workshop: April 23th 2010 in Toblach/ Dobbiaco (South Tyrol, Italy)
How to integrate stakeholders into connectivity projects in ECONNECT pilot areas and other regional projects: experiences, procedures, recommendations
Documentation on this workshop is available here.

Report on the 2010 workshops

ReportThinkTankWorkshops2010.jpgThe report on the think tank workshop in 2010 is available here.