About the Platform "Ecological Network"

Connecting natural spaces is of key importance for the nature protection goals of the Alpine Convention, and the Ecological Network Platform has thus been established under the aegis of the Alpine Convention with the goal of supporting the creation of a cross-border alpine network of protected areas and connecting elements.


Through the platform, alpine countries are sharing, comparing, and revising information on measures and methodologies. The platform, which brings together representatives of the Alpine countries, protected areas and Alpine institutions and experts, provides a link between policy makers, the scientific community and practitioners. It also encourages more efficient cooperation with other sectors.

Within the platform, experts are working on three key areas of concern: scientific support for the establishment of an ecological network, its project-oriented implementation, and communication and PR work. Some pilot regions in the Alps have already started work on the cross-border network. Platform activities are supporting and developing their efforts.

More information on the Platform activities: English, German, French, Italian, Slovenian.

The Alpine Convention

The Alpine Convention is a framework agreement for the protection and sustainable development of the Alpine region. It was signed by Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Monaco and the EU and entered into force in March 1995.

For the Alpine Ecological Network, especially one protocol of the convention is important, the “Nature conservation and landscape planning” protocol. In its article 12, it requires the establishment of an ecological network in the Alps: "The contracting parties take adequate measures to establish a network of existing national and transboundary protected areas, of biotopes and other protected elements or those to be protected. They commit themselves to harmonize the objectives and applicable measures in transboundary protected areas."