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Here you can download the publications and reports of the Ecological Continuum Initiative as well as documents and presentations from its events. Apart from that different information material on ecological networks is available.

Information material on ecological networks in the Alps
Pool of experts (think tank)

Documents of the Econnect Project are available for download here.

Documents of the Platform Ecological Network of the Alpine Convention are available for download here: English, German, French, Italian, Slovenian

Information material on ecological networks in the Alps

Brochure Pas à pas vers un réseau écologique
Broschüre Schritt für Schritt zum ökologischen Verbund
Brochure Step by Step to ecological connectivity
Brochure Passo dopo passo verso la rete ecologica


Film "For hermits and fire salamanders - How municipalities connect habitats in the Alps"
Film "Für Berghexen und Feuersalamander - Wie Gemeinden in den Alpen Lebensräume vernetzen"
Film "Pour les hermites et salamandres tachetées - Comment les communes mettent en réseau les milieux naturels"
Film "Per le farfalle e le salamandre pezzate - Come i Comuni alpini possono mettere in rete gli habitat naturali"
Film "Za skalnega puščavarja in močerada. Kako alpske občine povezujemo življenjske prostore"

Cover film

Final brochure of the ECONNECT project

Webs of Life - Die Biodiversität im Alpenraum braucht vernetzte Naturräume
Webs of Life - Alpine biodiversity needs ecological connectivity (English version)
Webs of Life - Alpine biodiversity needs ecological connectivity (version française)
Webs of Life - Alpine biodiversity needs ecological connectivity (versione italiana)
Mreže življenja - Biotska raznovrstnost v Alpah potrebuje ekološko povezanost

Cover final booklet Econnect

Brochure Restoring the web of life – Ecological networks for more biodiversity in the Alps (English)
Natur ohne Grenzen – Ökologische Netzwerke für mehr Biodiversität in den Alpen (German)
Nature sans frontières – Des réseaux écologiques pour une plus grande biodiversité dans les Alpes (French)
Natura senza confini – Reti ecologiche per rafforzare la biodiversità alpina (
Narava brez meja –  Ekološka omrežja za večjo biotsko raznovrstnost v Alpah (


Fact sheets - The series of eleven fact sheets is available in German, French and Italian. The fact sheet for local communities is also available in Slovenian. It describes the importance of the following topics for ecological connectivity in the Alps, lists possible connectivity measures and as well presents good examples for each sector:

nature protection, agriculture,  forestry, water management, hunting, fishing, spatial planning, transport, tourism, local communities, landowners


Eyecatcher poster "Restoring the web of  life" (English web version, 230 kB; print version, 5 MB)
Natur ohne Grenzen! (German web version , 230 kB; print version, 5 MB)
Nature sans frontières ! (French web version,
230 kB; print version, 5 MB)
Natura senza confini!  (Italian web version
, 230 kB; print version, 5 MB)
Narava brez meja (Slovenian web version
, 230 kB; print version, 5 MB)

The print version has a dimension of  0.89x1.2 m.  Roll-up versions of the poster (dimension 0.79x2.10 m) are also available (E/D/I/F/SL). If you are interested in them,  please contact Aurelia Ullrich


Poster Ecological Networks in the European Alps. 
This poster explains the connectivity theme in a short and compact way.  (English: web version, 130 kB)


Roll-up poster "Ökologische Vernetzung im Alpenraum betrifft uns alle" (German)

Roll-up poster "Tourismus  - Verkehr" (German)


CIPRA's Alps insight N° 90 on ecological networks:
Schengen für Flora und Fauna - Weshalb nur vernetzte Lebensräume vielfältig bleiben (German)
Schengen pour la faune et la flore - Pourquoi seuls les habitats en réseau restent diversifiés (French
Schengen per flora e fauna - Perché la biodiversità resiste solo in habitat senza confini (Italian
Schengen za favno in floro - Zakaj le povezani življenjski prostori ostajajo raznovrstni (Slovenian)


Glossary – English definitions and translation of terms in German, French, Italian and Slovenian. The glossary aims at facilitating communication on ecological networks throughout the Alps.


Assessment report "Evaluation of Approaches for designing and implementing ecological networks in the Alps" (41 pages - 470kB)

A background report Relevant instruments in the field of Ecological networks in the Alpine region. Available in English, German, French, Italian and Slovenian. Updated in 2010. Hintergrb_OekoNetzw_de1.jpg


Report Implementing a Pan-Alpine Ecological Network - A Compilation of Major Approaches, Tools and Activities. BfN Skripten 273, July 2010, 74 pages - 5 MB, English with Summary in German, French, Italian und Slovenian


Catalogue of possible measures that can improve ecological connectivity in the Alps (report) – English
Katalog möglicher Massnahmen zur Verbesserung der ökologischen Vernetzung im Alpenraum (report) – German
Catalogo delle possibli misure per l'ottimizzazione delle reti ecologiche nelle Alpi (report) –
Catalogue de mesures susceptibles d’améliorer la connectivité écologique dans l’espace alpin (report) –


Criteria and objectives for the nomination of pilot regions (report in German and English, annexes also in French, Italian and Slovenian)

Methodology for Pilot Regions

Pool of experts (think tank)

Concept for the implementation of a think tank and a service centre on Alpine ecological networks (English) and documents on the workshops are available here.


The Wall, October 20th 2010 in Ljubljana, Vienna, Milan, Munich, Zurich and Lyon. Information and material available in English, German, Italian, French and Slovenian. thewallandscape_small.jpg
Second think tank workshop, November 17th 2010, Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy). Report (on both think tank workshops)
First think tank workshop, April 23th 2010, Toblach/ Dobbiaco (South Tyrol, Italy). Documentation

Workshop "Networking diversity" in the frame of the conference NATUR, 12th February 2010, Basel/CH. More information and the workshop material is available here.

First workshop in pilot region Engadin/Alto Adige/Val d'Adige: Müstair 27 - 28th October 2008

Committee of experts for the development of the Pan-European Ecological Network (17th October 2008)


Side-event at the IUCN World Conservation Congress Barcelona (6th October 2008)

Side-event "The Alpine Ecological Network", 9th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention of Biological Diversity, 29th May 2008, Bonn (DE)