First workshop in pilot region Engadin/Alto Adige/Val d'Adige: Müstair/CH

The workshop took place in the Biosfera Val Müstair, Switzerland on 27th and 28th of October 2008.

The Continuum Initiative invited stakeholders from the pilot region Inn-Etsch and further interested people to a workshop held in the Biosfera Val Müstair, Switzerland. To ensure the continuity of work from the Continuum Initiative to ECONNNECT this workshop was jointly organised by both projects. The results of the Continuum Initiative were presented to and discussed with key actors who will carry on the working process within the ECONNECT project which just started on 1st of September. The focus of the discussions was on methods and measures that can contribute to the creation of ecological networks in the region. A summary report in German (6 pages plus attachments) and Italian (7 p.), the presentations and further information on the workshop is available.

Bericht (D), Rapporto (I)
Agenda (D)
Presseaussendung (D) / Comunicato stampa (I)
Strategischer Leitfaden für die Pilot Regionen (D) / Vademecum Strategico-Metodologico (I)

Presentations - Day 1
Continuum Initiative WP A: Methods (ISCAR)
Continuum Initiative WP B: Measures
Continuum Initiative WP C: Communication (WWF)

Presentations - Day 2
Vernetzung Graubünden (Amt für Natur und Umwelt Graubünden, CH)
Erfolge im Feld (WWF CH)
MALME Database (WWF CH)
Xeros (Naturpark Kaunergrat, Ö)
Econnect:The Pilot Region “Central-Southern Alps”. Objectives, actions, outputs and delineation