Online mapping services

In the framework of the ECONNECT project two web services have been developed. These tools can be interesting not only for the project partners but for any other person working on the issue of ecological connectivity, especially those dedicated to maps, data and GIS instruments.

jecami.jpgJecami: analysing and mapping ecological connectivity online

The online tool JECAMI (Joint Ecological Continuum Analysing and Mapping Initiative-Web services) allows identifying the best suited area to establish connectivity measures in selected regions. It covers the surface of the seven ECONNECT pilot regions where it e.g. enables visualizing at the same time habitats of species and results of connectivity. Pilot regions can also make use of JECAMI as support for communication with various users and authorities. JECAMI has been developed by the Swiss National Park in collaboration with the Arinas company in the frame of the ECONNECT Project.
Access to Jecami

GeoPortalKartenGeoPortal: Alpswide maps and metadata related to ecological connectivity

The "GeoPortal” is the central repository for all spatial data and map products of ECONNECT. To any interested person this service allows browsing, viewing, downloading and uploading data and metadata. It contains for example Alps wide maps on ski resorts, on the forest cover or on rivers and lakes. A map showing all ECONNECT pilot regions is also provided. The GeoPortal has been elaborated by the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC).
Access to the GeoPortal