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Preservation of individual trees, greening of transport arteries with native vegetation, no-fly zones over sensitive areas – these are some of the 71 measures found in the info sheets in the Measure Database.

A detailed Search Function will help you to find those measures that are best suited to your local situation. The info sheets can be downloaded in pdf format.

Nature conservation




Water resources management

Public relations work and sensitisation


Spatial planning

Tourism and leisure





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StreuobstwiesenCYKohler.jpgMaintenance and preservation of mixed orchards

Due to the structural diversity in mixed orchards and the resulting diverse mosaic-type habitats, they provide a habitat for a wide range of species of flora and fauna. More


WaermedetektorCIsere.jpgWildlife warning systems to avoid wildlife collisions

Sensors send an impulse to a traffic warning signal which lights up and warns approaching drivers of the immediate danger. More


(c) Carolin BegleManagement and maintenance of flowing waters

Near-natural flowing water systems are important connecting elements which make a substantial contribution to reducing fragmentation. More