Corridor contracts

Corridor contracts
Region Rhône-Alpes/F contributes with corridor contracts to the ecological connectivity. © Franz Schutze/Zeitenspiegel

Involved sectors

Other: Districts and other local authorities

Affected habitats

Forest, Shrubs and wooded areas, Bogs and fens, wetlands, Alpine habitats, Grassland, Arable land, Areas for settlements and transport, Waterbodies


In 2008, the French region of Rhône-Alpes completed the mapping of its regional ecological network. In order to support projects and initiatives which contribute to maintaining or improving ecological connectivity, the region offers so-called “corridor contracts”. Ideally, projects receiving support should involve several local authorities. Contracts are awarded for a period of five years. Support is provided for schemes which directly help to maintain or improve connectivity, as well as to schemes which aim to safeguard the elements of a biotope network in the long term via planning tools, environmental education and public relations work. A guide has been produced for prospective stakeholders which contains detailed information on the regional scheme and the contractual process.


Impact in particular on Small mammals, Big mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Insects, Fish
Ecological impact  
Reduction of fragmentation or creation of new valuable habitats Measures to reduce fragmentation are being promoted.
Improvement or preservation of habitats Measures to improve habitats are being promoted.
Element of ecological network Measures to create elements and structures of a biotope network are being promoted.
Other Measures regarding environmental education, public relations work etc. are being promoted.
Time of realisation for measure Immediate: The support becomes available immediately after the contract is approved and for a period of 5 years.
Impact scope Regional: The scope of impact and implementation can differ greatly depending on the project being promoted, however, as a rule, several local authorities should be involved.


Implementation period Long term: The contracts are concluded for a period of 5 years.
Frequency Non-recurring, Recurring: Individual measures should be part of an overall concept and be executed over a number of years (say, 5). Some measures only need to be taken once.

Economic and legal aspects

Costs High (100'000-1 Mio EUR): On average, support is available for 50% of the costs of the project. The highest subsidy rate is €1 million per contract or €200,000 per year. The overall budget for the region is set once the pilot projects have been evaluated.
Socio-economic impacts Medium: Dependent on the project being supported.
Sources of financing Public: regional
Legal situation A 5-year contract between one or several local authorities and the region.

Further information

Evaluation The first contract, for the Gresivaudan Valley in the Départment Isère, France, was signed in February 2009, so an evaluation of the tool has not yet been possible.
Information France: Rhône-Alpes region
Contact France: Person responsible in the Rhône-Alpes region: Hélèn Guilloy

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