Transnational Ecological Networks in Central Europe - TransEcoNet

Year of publication: 2010

Inventory of existing networks

The inventory of existing ecological networks provides the base data for further analyses within the project. General objectives of the inventory are to get an idea of the existing network of protected areas in the whole TransEcoNet Search Area of Central European border regions where the four project regions are situated in (fig.1). For getting a detailed overview of the already existing network and for detecting potential ecological corridors between defined core areas or areas with a relatively high protection status further analyses have been carried out:

* Evaluation of the connectedness of protected areas across national borders within the TransEcoNet project regions
* Definition of core and no core areas (areas with high respectively weak protection status)
* Definition of potential ecological corridors

Focus on

Cover filmFor hermits and fire salamanders - How municipalities connect habitats in the Alps. DVD, 2012, CIPRA International




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