Protection of landscape connectivity for large mammals

Year of publication: 2010

The publication envisages existing concepts of improving landscape connectivity for large mammals in the Czech Republic which are investigated by a research project. An overview is provided on the conservation status, distribution range and behaviour of selected focal species, as the brown bear, the grey wolf, the Eurasian lynx, the red deer and the Eurasian elk.
The main types of migration barriers in the Czech landscape and its cumulative effects according to the migration behaviour of the focal species is pointed out. Further chapters of the book provide an insight into elaborated habitat models and landscape potential models. Hence, special migration areas and longdistance migration corridors are defined and brought into relation with the existing protected areas in the Czech Republic and with the national ecological network, the Territorial System of Ecological Stability (see TransEcoNet News, issue 9).
Also initiatives and projects fostering transboundary migration corridors to the neighbouring countries Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland are described. Measures how to protect the migration permeability of the landscape for large mammals completes the research work.

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Cover filmFor hermits and fire salamanders - How municipalities connect habitats in the Alps. DVD, 2012, CIPRA International




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