Green Infrastructure Implementation and Efficiency

Year of publication: 2011

Final Report

Green Infrastructure (GI) is a valuable tool for addressing ecological preservation and environmental protection as well as societal needs in a complementary fashion.
This study assessed the effectiveness and efficiency of policy initiatives to support Green Infrastructure across Europe. It identified the main existing policy measures that can help to support Green Infrastructure initiatives and their implementation, and analysed seven in-depth case studies on thematic issues [ecological networks, multi-functional use of (1) farmlands and forests, and (2) coastal areas, freshwater and wetlands management and restoration, urban Green Infrastructure, grey infrastructure mitigation and Green Infrastructure mapping for spatial planning]. The study further reports on the contribution Green Infrastructure makes to the resilience of ecosystems, and on indicators to measure its impacts. It quantifies impacts on ecosystems and their services, and resulting socio-economic and health benefits. These benefits were compared with costs; and four different policy scenarios on the implementation of Green Infrastructure in Europe were assessed.

Focus on

Cover filmFor hermits and fire salamanders - How municipalities connect habitats in the Alps. DVD, 2012, CIPRA International




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