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Here are listed previous news items on the connectivity topic as well as news on the work of the Ecological Network Platform, the Ecological Continuum Initiative and the Econnect project. All news are available in English, though some are also available in the main four Alpine languages – German, Italian, French and Slovenian. At the moment, this page is not updated anymore.

Apr 03, 2008

New alpine Natura 2000 regions

In spring 2008 a whole range of new alpine Natura 2000 regions were included in the EU-wide network of protected areas Natura 2000 and published in an updated list.

Jul 05, 2007

Nature abhors a border


Nature in the Alps should be networked more effectively; to this end, the hindrances that stand in the way of animal migration and the spread of vegetation and plants should be made more permeable. Four alpine-wide network organisations are aiming to create an "ecological continuum" in the Alps. The preliminary project has just been given the go-ahead.

Mar 20, 2007

Biological diversity as an investment - Protected areas give the Alps a good image and help man and nature

Given good management, protected areas can contribute both to regional value-added and the preservation of biodiversity. Environmentally friendly holiday accommodation with a recognised seal of approval like the Gîtes Panda in the French Alps enhances the quality of life in and around protected areas.